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StripperVille is a ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. A game where your NFTs can earn for you weekly.
Ready for a fun and exciting new game?
StripperVille is an NFT project consisting of 3,000 X-Generation NFT´s that are Strippers. These Strippers are a lot more than meets the eye. You will be able to put your Strippers to work in one of the 10 X-Generation Strip clubs and watch as they work and earn that juicy $STRIP coin! Each week you will get the chance to place your Stripper in one of these clubs. Compete to be the best earner in order to climb the leader board and secure that position at the top for a chance to receive many rewards.
The NFT´s are stored as ERC-721 tokens and are hosted on the IPFS. All NFT´s are artistically created by more than five artists to bring a variety of uniqueness to the project. With a combination of over 100 different items and using customizable add-ons and features, this art will truly be unique, allowing for endless combinations of traits.
There will only ever be 3,000 NFT´s released in X-Generation. In due course, there will be a release for Y Generation and Z Generation which will also consist of 3,000 NFT´s each. As we are relying on the strength of this community, we will be letting the community choose the release date of both Generations which will follow the Genesis X Generation.
The NFT' s will have two MAJOR forms of attributes: the Artist and the "Earn" attribute which will state what your Stripper can earn in the StripperVille Strip Club weekly game.
Besides the traits mentioned above, we will be releasing exciting new traits that you will be able to add to your Stripper, these will range anywhere from handbags to boob jobs, even make up! We will be releasing a whole series of interactive add-ons you can use to customize your stripper to compete for the number 1 spot!
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