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$STRIP Coin Tokenomics

Why do you want $STRIP Coin?

$STRIP Coin Overview

The $STRIP Coin is an ERC-20 token stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. 500,000,000 coins were minted. Immediately upon minting a Stripper NFT each and every owner will be assigned $STRIP Coins based on the “Earn” value that the NFT is minted with. Each and every week, Stripper NFTs will Earn $STRIP Coin based on their “Earn” value. In addition, each week 250,000 additional $STRIP Coins will be given out to NFT Holders by means of the Strip Club game. This $STRIP Coin is a utility Coin to be used in StripperVille and is not a security (Please see Disclosure below). The Coin uses a method of distribution founded by StripperVille but subject to change at any time by the Coin holders. Each and every week StripperVille will have items to purchase, including but not limited to Rare NFTs, Additional rewards and badges, wearables, Thieves, and Regular Customers. Each item will be sold with $STRIP Coin. Every Coin received by StripperVille after the Strippers are minted will be burned forever to reduce the supply of $STRIP Coin. In addition, all Work Fees received by StripperVille will be burned. The deflationary tokenomics squeeze supply all while having fun and while the community, the brand and the NFT holders all boost the demand. This token shall serve as a something of value on the blockchain in a decentralized manner.

Tournaments and challenges

We will also be adding fun and exciting challenges to compete for. The challenges will vary week by week keeping everyone guessing.
Examples of challenges are:
- Avoiding the Thieves the most amount of times
- First Stripper NFT to reach 100,000 $STRIP Coins
- Placing in the top 3, 5 weeks in a row
Winners of these challenges can receive one of several rewards:
- unique ultra-rare Stripper related NFT's
- $STRIP coin prizes
- Ethereum prizes