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Why Strippers? Why StripperVille?

Market analysis

We have performed extensive market research to achieve the most unique and perfected user experience possible. Besides meticulously studying the various play to earn games which exist, we decided to interact with the communities themselves. This has led to us gaining unspeakable knowledge on what the current market is missing. Our project is venturing where no other project has ventured before, combining the adult industry (in a fiction type manner, with no nudity whatsoever) with NFT's in a playable and earnable manner.
Being based on the blockchain and playable only with ERC-721 NFT´s gives StripperVille a unique, simple and cost-effective way of creating a playable and earnable game.

Market, what is missing

The current choices for NFT´s are repetitive, they lack a unique selling point. That is why we have spared no expenses in creating a fully interactive ecosystem equipped with Strip Clubs, Strippers, Thieves and more. The ability to “put your Stripper to work” allows you to choose a place of work for that week and earn $STRIP coin. Strip Club owners will earn $STRIP coin as well, so long as their Strip Club is at the top of the weekly rankings. The eventual release of Thieves and Regular Customers will introduce a whole new aspect to the game and will require strategy to get you out of tight situations!
This style of NFT has never been done before and we have spared no expense in releasing a new, fun, interactive and all-round unique project, StripperVille.