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Revenue Model & Fees

How you earn $STRIP Coin

Revenue Model Overview

Each week Strippers who enter the Strip Club (times and days to enter will be on Discord and our Website) will automatically receive their amount of Earn. In addition, the Strippers that enter the Strip Club game that achieve the highest score that week and place in the weekly rankings will also get awarded $STRIP coins. See the math model for the breakdown of the Strip Club game.
Every week we will announce prior the start of the game and how many places will be awarded $STRIP coin. The most common weekly competition will pay the 5 Strip Clubs with the highest Scores. They will be rewarded each week for receiving the highest score. How do we calculate the score?
The Score will be determined by adding up each Strippers’ “Earn” value in each Strip Club versus the others. In the following sections more is explained about the standard earnings of a Stripper, the extra variable earnings Strippers can earn per week and the various dependencies that influence the variable pay-outs. Don’t forget that Multipliers/Regular Customers are included in this total.

Earnings of a Stripper

Every minted Stripper comes with a one-time pay-out of 70 to a 100 $STRIP coins. This amount will get you started in StripperVille for the first week. Thereafter, each Stripper will get paid their Earn value each week and if they enter the Strip Club game they have a shot at earning more $STRIP coin. However, the total amount of coins Strippers earn for the week depends on the Strip Club they are working in.
To enable your Stripper to work, you will have to pay a Work Fee. The Work Fee will always be less than your weekly Earn. Strippers whom work in Strip Clubs which have scored the highest will get bonuses. The following example will provide a better understanding of the extra earnings that can be made from the Strip Club game.
All 3,000 Strippers enter a Strip Club. The Avg earn has nothing to do with the game. It was just easier to do the math here instead of adding up 300+ totals for each Strip Club to determine the winner. The totals don’t exactly add up to 250,000 (this was for rounding purposes).
Club #
Qty Strippers
Avg Earn

Extra earnings

StripperVille is going to put up 250,000 extra $STRIP Coins for the weekly games.
Club #4 is the best performing Club with the highest score earned that week based on the above example. This Club receives 40% of all earnings, the runners-up 30%, 15%, 10% and 5%. In the following example you will see that Strippers will earn an extra 36.29 to 214.29 coins extra. Please see the previous schedule for information about the best performing Clubs, their average earnings and the total amount of Strippers. Take note that just because the Strip Club you are in placed the highest for the week, it doesn’t mean that those Strippers will earn the most additional Coin. In this example, 2nd place earned more than 1st place because less Strippers split the prize pool for the week. The reason this is possible is to avoid everyone communicating on Discord and deciding to go into the same Strip Club.
This would be the extra earning if life on StripperVille would be fair. Unfortunately, there are always conniving characters looking for a quick buck.

Various dependencies

So, Strippers have standard earnings and are able to get those extra juicy $Strip coins if they work in the right Clubs. However, working in a Strip Club could be dangerous, or even more rewarding!. Maybe a Regular Customer is around to help boost sales or a Thief comes into your Strip Club and steals some money.
Thieves and Regulars (otherwise known as “Boosters”) are purchased in auctions or can be won in raffles throughout the week. Both can only be used once and are placed on the Strip Club of the purchaser/raffle winner’s choosing.
A Thief will take 10% earnings from a Strip Club if they choose a Strip Club that places in the weekly game. The choice of which Strip Club to steal from must be made when Strippers choose which Strip Club they want to work in. Across the 250,000 $STRIP Coins per week given to Strippers and Strip Club owners a thief will take 10% of the portion of the 250,000 that is given to a Strip Club that has won that week. For example, club #6 (which took 3rd place this week) received 33,750 $STRIP coin. If the Thief chose Strip Club #6 to steal from, the Thief would take 3,375 coins away (10%) from the Strip Club and Strippers. Of the 10% stolen, the Thief owner would keep 1% for themselves and the other 9% would get burned! The person who used the Thief on the Strip Club would, in this scenario, receive 337.5 Strip Coin. NOTE: multiple Thieves can be used on the same Strip Club making them split the 1% taken. Continuing with the above example if 3 people all chose the same week to use a Thief on Strip Club #6 they each would receive 1/3 of the 337.5 coins that a Thief would normally receive. Note: If the owner of a Thief chose Strip Club #9 (or any other Strip Club that did not place for the week), the Thief would get nothing and the Strip Club game would not be affected.
Strippers love their Regulars! And Regulars love their favorite Strippers! And the good news is that these Regulars tip well. When someone chooses to use their Regular booster, it will triple that Strippers' income for the week. These extra $STRIP Coins will be awarded directly to the Stripper and will not be taken from the 250,000 coins being distributed for that week.
The Regular’s influence on the Stripper's earning will have an effect on the best performing Strip Clubs when determining the top scores for the week and will help boost the total score, giving the Strip Club a higher chance to place for the week.